We are concerned with addressing health inequality across the spectrum of physical, but most importantly mental and social health.


Association for post natal illness (APNI)

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

The Association for Post Natal Illness 9APNI) provides advice, information and support to women suffering from Post Natal Depression (PND), as well as their families. A network of approximately 400 carefully selected volunteers (women who have recovered), provide one-to-one support by telephone, email and social networks. Volunteers regularly contact sufferers and reassure them that they will recover. APNI also provides medically accurate information leaflets to new mothers and PND sufferers.

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Investment type: Equity

AtoCap team, which brings together unique capabilities from different areas of cutting-edge UK research, has developed an entirely novel delivery system for antibiotics: Its first product; CapFuran is a polymer-microencapsulated form of the generic drug nitrofurantoin, and in pilot studies, CapFuran robustly penetrates and treats bladder cells harbouring intracellular reservoirs of bacteria, which previously was not possible.

Currently the principal area of clinical application is targeted antibiotic delivery for chronic urinary tract infections (UTI). UTI is one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, affecting over 10 million patients per year globally and particularly the growing elderly population.

Brain in hand

Investment Type: Equity

Living with autism, a mental health condition or learning difficulty can lead to problems making decisions, controlling emotions and choosing appropriate behaviour. Brain in Hand is a personalised on demand support system, that puts the individual in control of their support.  Accessed from a mobile, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give help when it’s needed, no matter how many times it’s needed. 

Tested by the National Autistic Society and NHS organisations, more than 30 Local Authorities, NHS organisations and Universities integrate the system into their support service; making cost savings and helping more than 2,000 people with autism, a mental health condition, learning difficulty or acquired brain injury to reduce anxiety, feel safe and achieve their goals.



Elemental software

Investment Type: Equity

Elemental is a Tech For Good company with the purpose of creating meaningful connections between people and their communities to address the root cause of health inequalities. 

Elemental’s social prescribing platform makes it easier for health and social care professionals to prescribe a patient-centric non medical prescription for a suite of quality assured, locally based, lifestyle interventions, enabling a reduction in health risks and long term demands on health services.

Skin analytics

Impact Type: Equity

Skin Analytics has developed an image processing technology which enables the early detection of melanoma.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and kills over 50,000 people a year, but if melanomas are discovered early they are almost always treatable.  Skin Analytics software can be integrated with a dermascope, camera or smart-phone to enable GPs and consumers to diagnose moles instantly and track changes regularly.  It is a simple, cost effective solution to a major problem.

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south bristol sports centre

Investment Type: Debt

SBSC is a charity created to serve and provide facilities for the local community.  SBSC prides itself on being able to provide activities and facilities which cater for a wide range of public need.  Their existing sports facilities include football pitches, a gym, squash courts, as well as a diverse range of social facilities.

SBSC users range from sport and school participation, social and rehabilitation purposes and vibrant social facilities, turning what was a derelict facility losing in excess of £120k per year, into a not for profit charity which now plays host to over 3500 community users per week.

SBSC’s new Fives Soccer five-a-side pitches allow them to run social inclusion activities reaching out to the local community and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Impact Type: Equity

Life can be incredibly tough for anybody. TalkLife is here for everyone and anyone who just needs someone to talk to. Who just needs someone to listen. TalkLife has created a place where we can all work through life together. 

This is a safe place where you can talk about anything: mental health, depression, self harm, eating disorders, a bad breakup or a relationship, school or work…it doesn’t matter. If you want to talk about it, someone else, does too. No judgments. No bullying. Just people who get you.

Literally thousands of people are always on TalkLife– at any time — just waiting to listen.

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thera trust

Investment Type: Debt

Thera is a charitable group of companies which support people with a learning disability. Established in 1998, Thera has grown from supporting 5 people in Cambridgeshire in their own home to providing a range of support across the UK for over 2,100 people. This includes supported living at home, helping people to be part of the local community, and finding homes to suit the individual’s specific needs.

thrive therapeutic

Investment Type: Equity

Thrive is a social enterprise founded by mental health professionals. Thrive develops evidence-based digital interventions to prevent, detect early and manage common mental health problems. Thrive's services are accessible on mobile devices and the web. Their mission is to improve the world's mental health by using technology to make therapy more affordable, accessible and engaging. 

'I calculated that over my whole career as a doctor I could help at most 16,000 people. I also realised that my patients only got to see me after very long delays. Listening to their stories I learned that many of them may have never needed to see me if the right intervention had been offered to them at the right time. It occurred to me that health services were designed to accommodate my needs rather than patients' needs. I founded Thrive to change all that and over the past few years we have already reached more than 30,000 people.’ 

- Dr Andres Fonseca - CEO & Co - Founder of Thrive