Treebeard has made a small number of Impact Investments in the area of employment; we are principally concerned with issues around equal access to employment and training for young people coming from more disadvantaged backgrounds. Effective collaboration with the private sector is vital in this regard, and we seek partners who are working with employers in a way that is mutually beneficial yet places the young person at the heart of what they do.


Harry Specters

Investment Type: Equity

Harry Specters is a social enterprise offering award winning handcrafted chocolates while providing employment opportunities for young autistic adults. The company was started by Mona and Shaz Shah,who have an autistic son, the inspiration behind the enterprise. Autistic people are involved in all aspects of the business, from production and packaging of the chocolates, to order fulfilment, back office work, book keeping, sales and graphic design. The company also offers free work experience placements and free training.




Investment Type: Debt

K10 is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA), accredited by the National Apprentice Service, that manages apprenticeships for companies looking to recruit motivated and talented young people from diverse backgrounds.

It offers an end-to-end service from outreach, recruitment, training and mentoring through to onward employment and ensures K10 apprentices are equipped with the essential skills that make them effective & successful in the workplace.

K10 works with clients to ensure the apprenticeship programme is targeted to its needs and meets its objectives in terms of social responsibility and community engagement.

They agree targets (qualifications, background, disadvantage criteria) and find and select suitable candidates; they then employ the apprentice and take care of all aspects of the apprenticeship programme – recruitment, pastoral care, college supervision, performance against the required learning framework.


Investment Type: Equity

MyKindaFuture provides work-readiness support and training to 60,000 young people each year, and have engaged with more than 600,000 young people since launch.

With over 25 years' experience in young person engagement, recruitment, development, digital marketing and face-to-face workshops, they help companies of all sizes, through unique campaigns that address challenges and more.

MyKindaFuture designs and implements a combination of online and face-to-face interactions, targeted at colleges, schools and universities. In so doing, they improve access to talent for employers, and allow young people, who previously felt excluded, to learn new skills and connect them to work opportunities.



zen educate

Investment Type: Equity

Zen Educate is a marketplace allowing schools to book teachers directly in their local area - similar to an airbnb for supply teaching. Not only do schools save up to 30% on their supply cover costs, but teachers also earn up to 25% more all with considerably less hassle.