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The Drive Partnership


Systems Change / Vulnerable Communities


The Drive Partnership was formed by Respect, SafeLives and Social Finance to transform the national response to perpetrators of domestic abuse. Its mission is to end domestic abuse and protect victims by disrupting, challenging, and changing the behaviour of those who are causing harm.

As well as the flagship Drive intervention which works directly with high-harm, high-risk and serial perpetrators of domestic abuse to prevent their abusive behaviour and protect victims, the Drive Partnership also advocates for systems and policy change in order to develop sustainable, national systems that respond more effectively to all perpetrators of domestic abuse.
A three-year, independent evaluation of the Drive Project undertaken by the University of Bristol during its first phase of delivery (2016-2019) concluded that The Drive Project reduces abuse and the risk perpetrators pose, finding that the number of Drive service users using each type of DVA behaviour reduced substantially.

As the Drive Project has expanded into new areas, the Partnership has broadened in scope; in 2021 it launched Restart, a pilot project providing earlier intervention for families at risk of domestic abuse. It is also now focusing on improving the response to domestic abuse in children’s social care and housing settings, alongside developing new responses to meet the needs of minoritised and marginalised communities.

Treebeard is providing multi-year, core funding for The Drive Partnership.

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