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Vulnerable Communities



Mental Health is a huge issue in the UK and globally, but is currently poorly diagnosed and treated. One of the main issues is lack of access to therapy - partly because of the stigma attached which stops people coming forward and partly because, with one in four people suffering from mental health conditions, the cost of providing one to one therapy would be prohibitive.

To address this, Thrive has developed a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy app to treat a variety of mental health conditions, backed up by a team of psychologists offering coaching and therapy. The goal is for the app to be available to all, via the NHS; currently the main channels are health insurers and corporates. There are hundreds of studies showing that computerised CBT is effective. It's also widely accepted that the main variable determining efficacy is adherence to treatment and that the best method of ensuring adherence is through "guided self-help", i.e. having a coach behind the app to assist the user.

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