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The Vavengers


Vulnerable Communities


The Vavengers is a charity committed to ending Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C).

Although it’s hard to get clear data in UK on FGM/C due to lack of reporting, 6,590 cases were identified at NHS visits in the UK between 2019-2020. It is estimated that are 137,000 women and girls are living with FGM/C in England and Wales but the number is likely far higher. FGM/C results in lifelong pain, trauma, health and emotional problems.

Working with women with lived experience of FGM/C and with healthcare professionals, The Vavengers provides direct services and outreach, currently across hubs in London – where both FGM/C and intersecting issues such as housing, domestic abuse and immigration are supported. The charity also campaigns actively around the issue of FGM/C, such as through their current “One Question” campaign, which seeks a standardized question about FGM/C on all primary and emergency healthcare confidential check-in forms. Finally, The Vavengers provides education about FGM/C and its effects to schools, universities, employers, non-profits and healthcare bodies.

Treebeard is providing unrestricted funding to The Vavengers for three years.

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