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The Bike Project


The Bike Project




Vulnerable Communities



The Bike Project is a London based charity that receives second hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and people seeking asylum in London and Birmingham.

For refugees and asylum seekers travelling around a city or region to access work, training, social or other key opportunities – as well as health or legal services – the costs can be prohibitive. This is especially so when navigating the complex asylum process on just £40.85 a week – current statutory provision for asylum seekers in the UK.

The Bike Project was already under huge demand for bikes following events in Afghanistan last year, on top of need from asylum seekers escaping persecution from other countries. With the arrival of thousands of refugees from Ukraine in 2022, they urgently need to increase capacity to meet as much need as possible.

Treebeard contributed to a matched funding campaign in early 2022, which was urgently raising funds to increase the numbers of bikes the charity refurbishes and donates, the transport costs to deliver these bikes, and to run a marketing campaign to raise awareness of, and support for, their work.

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