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Sustainable Food Trust


Sustainable Planet


Despite the efforts of organisations and individuals over recent decades in raising awareness of, and addressing, the human and environmental impact of unsustainable food and farming systems, there are still major barriers preventing large scale uptake of sustainable food production and healthy diets, both here in the UK and globally.

From a vacuum in enabling policy and economic environment for sustainable food production and consumption, to a tendency towards reductionist, siloed and at times conflicting thinking amongst scientists and some campaigning organisations; the result is that we still see confusion amongst consumers and policymakers about what to eat to be healthy whilst at the same time supporting just and sustainable food systems.

The Sustainable Food Trust's mission is to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems. They work catalytically on a global scale to influence and enhance the work of other organisations, informed by the belief that policymakers, businesses and civil society organisations will be empowered to act when there is sufficient pressure from informed public opinion.

Treebeard is providing core, multi-year funding to support Sustainable Food Trust in its mission.

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