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PACT Journeys to Freedom


Vulnerable Communities / Justice


In response to the 2019 Lord Farmer Review for Women which identified that women in prison often face very different challenges to male prisoners, the Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT) developed a pioneering initiative to support women leaving prison, called Journeys to Freedom.

Working intensively with 20-30 women each year, Journeys to Freedom supports service users in the three months before leaving prison, and for up to three months following their release – with ongoing support beyond from a Pact keyworker or Family Engagement Worker. The support offered is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each woman, and might cover help with probation, drug or alcohol meetings, securing safe accommodation, setting up benefits, finding employment or entering education or training, and improving relationships with family.

The programme currently operates in Kent and London, and early evaluation indicates “excellent” outcomes in successfully reintegrating women into the community and reducing likelihood of reoffending.

Treebeard provides multi-year funding to the Journeys to Freedom programme.

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