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Elect Her




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Elect Her is a multi-partisan organisation working to motivate, support and equip women in all their diversity to stand for political office in Britain.

They are working to build a world where at least half of all elected officials are women.

Since 2016, Elect Her has supported thousands of women through all steps of their political journeys. Through online workshops, resources and in person events, they have created opportunities for women to explore and pursue their political futures.

Out of over 8,000 women Elect Her has worked with, over 1,000 are now on their political journey, with 150 women elected to local councils, 2 to Scottish Parliament and a further 400 now preparing to stand in future elections.

With a core aim of engaging and supporting marginalised and excluded women in political life, Elect Her also deliver Fund Her, a grants programme to support women from under-represented communities with the personal costs of running for election, ensuring that a lack of money or connections does not prevent women entering politics.

Treebeard is providing multi-year, unrestricted funding to Elect Her.

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