We operate by providing financial and other support to our partners.

We don’t distinguish between programme (grant-making) and investment. Every penny we spend is an investment; it’s just that sometimes the return is purely social and not financial.

We allocate 5% of our assets every year to “impact only” investments, where we expect no financial return, but we do expect to see hard evidence, quantifiable or not, that the organization has made a difference. 

Our impact only investments are primarily directed at charities working at the root of an issue and which have the potential to scale and create system-level change. 

We aim to work with our partners over a sustained period of time. Generally we impose no restrictions on how the funding is used and we try to keep reporting requirements to a minimum.

With the rest of our assets, we will at the very least invest them responsibly. Where possible, we will look for investment opportunities which have an explicit social or environmental purpose, alongside a financial return. We reject the notion that making money and doing good are mutually exclusive.