We are interested in early childhood interventions focused on relationships, child development, behaviour and emotional health. We have also focused funding on educational inequalities - with a particular interest in reducing school exclusions and improving alternative provision. We want to identify work that is underpinned by rigorous evidence and data, and that takes a multi-agency approach to support vulnerable children across family, school, social care and mental and physical health services.


BIGKID Foundation

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

BIGKID equips young people at risk of social exclusion and youth violence to take control of their lives and to find, develop and act on their own potential. 

BKF engages with those who many have given up on, seeking to break negative generational cycles. They also encourage young people to understand their roles in their communities and begin to take steps to becoming key stake holders. Through their ‘Breaking Barriers’ programme, BIGKID is also working to prevent school exclusion for high-risk young people in Lambeth.

“BIGKID Foundation shares our desire to make a difference to the lives of young people in London at-risk of exploitation and getting involved in criminality.”

- Detective Inspector Shaun White, Metropolitan Police

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Chance UK

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Chance UK provides early intervention mentoring to children aged 5-12 experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties.  The children that receive support are at risk of educational exclusion, poor mental health and involvement in the criminal justice system in adolescence and early adult life. 

Children receive one-to-one, solution-focused mentoring from volunteer mentors who over a year help them improve their behaviour; develop life skills and confidence that enables them to realise their potential.   

carney’s community

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Carney’s Community is a Battersea based charity, that uses a combination of group and one to one work to support some of the local community’s most disadvantaged groups, whilst also being open to mainstream groups. They do this by offering free boxing fitness and yoga sessions, alongside their core long term, intensive and unconditional one to one support with the aim of reducing offending, improving physical and emotional health and bridging the social divide.


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Family links

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Family Links: the Centre for Emotional Health works closely with families, schools and communities nationwide to support both children and parents to develop positive emotional health and resilience, with an emphasis on early intervention whenever possible. 

Family Links aims  to empower individuals, families, schools and organisations to prioritise positive mental and emotional health, by delivering innovative, high quality training and programmes. The Nurturing Programme, which underpins all of our work, is designed to provide adults and children with the understanding, skills and ability to lead emotionally healthy lives, build resilience, empathy, self-esteem and support positive relationships.

Hackney pirates

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

The Hackney Pirates aims to make a transformative impact on the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people who are both falling behind at school and have fewer advantages in their personal circumstances, so that they can achieve both at school and in the world beyond.

Through offering engaging and high quality after-school learning opportunities, Hackney Pirates works to help young people catch up and develop their skills. 

"It changed my confidence at putting hands up in the class and answering questions...I used to be scared that I'd get lots of things wrong, so I did not put my hand up."


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Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

For the first time, Leap CC is piloting its highly successful programme within the children’s care setting to determine whether it might help address the prevalent issue of relationship breakdown between child and care-giver.

The "Care: under our Roof" pilot works with young people in the care system, and their carers (both in foster care and residential homes). It focuses on helping young people and their carers build positive, supportive relationships which is a key factor in ensuring young people in care thrive.

Due to their experiences, children in care can have a volatile approach to relationships and if they and their carers don’t have the skills to navigate difficult relationships, it leads to placement breakdown, change of social worker and/or change of school. This damages the child’s chances of thriving. 

The pilot utilises bespoke joint training with young people and their carers, providing them with the skills and confidence to manage conflict and build healthy and stable relationships.  



Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Lighthouse is a not-for-profit children’s residential care provider, offering a model of care based on a combination of social pedagogy, education and a family environment. Lighthouse aims to improve outcomes for children in residential care through the provision of a stable placement, in a family orientated environment, coupled with high-quality education support delivered by outstanding staff with the necessary skills and training to support the development of children emotionally, socially and academically.


Oarsome chance

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Oarsome Chance (OC) brings about change for young people, aged from 9-19 years in the Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant areas who are disengaged from mainstream education and at risk of exclusion and suffering disadvantage. The OC educational programmes offer a combination of vocational skills training (boat building, canvas skills and bike recycling) along with dry and on water rowing activities and provide educational and employability benefits to help them connect to a brighter future.


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mindfulness in schools project

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) has been working in schools and other youth-related contexts for over 10 years and is widely recognised as the originator and leader in the field of mindfulness in education.

MiSP’s materials are based on rigorous research in clinical psychology and neuroscience, written by teachers for teachers, and are designed to provide a mindfulness toolkit enabling children and those who care for them not to just ‘get by’, but to positively flourish. The charity is working to bring mindfulness to more children and more schools in the UK.

RIGHT to succeed

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Right to Succeed is a charity with a mission to develop, pilot and scale collective solutions to the problems of educational inequality. The charity is piloting an approach to transforming secondary school outcomes in Blackpool and is also piloting an approach to preventing young people from being excluded from mainstream education.



The difference

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

The Difference is a two year programme designed to train the next generation of school leaders, upskilling them in supporting pupil mental health and reducing exclusion from school. The Difference has been established to improve outcomes for excluded pupils and to reduce exclusion from school.

The Difference is an award winning charity that believes that children who face harmful experiences, mental health challenges and learning difficulties deserve support, not exclusion. The majority of today's prison population were excluded when they were at school. The Difference exists to change this story.

West London Zone

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

West London Zone (WLZ) is a leading place-based organisation, working in partnership with local charities through an innovative model to deliver the best possible outcomes for children and young people in West London.

Together with schools and children’s centres, WLZ identifies children and young people who may not yet be showing obvious signs of need, but who are not well served by existing provision and are at risk of negative outcomes without early intervention. To prevent the development of more serious issues, each child and their family designs an individually tailored package of support from the WLZ partnership, with the support of a dedicated ‘Link Worker’.

The model is financed by an innovative “Collective Impact Bond”, which pools funding from schools, local government, and private philanthropy, ‘topped-up’ by a central government grant.

"We are determined to invest in young people to give them the best start in life. At a time when funding for councils and schools has never been tighter, West London Zone has created an innovative new model to make the support we provide children go much further" 

- Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader, LBHF

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