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Share Action




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Global challenges such as a rise in emissions, the decline of our natural environment and the divide between rich and poor are all being driven by short-term investment decisions that focus on maximising profit over and above external risks and impacts. In recent years, the idea of responsible finance has been growing fast, however, the world's largest investors are not yet driving change at the level and pace needed.

Share Action works to define the highest standards of responsible investment and to drive change until these standards are adopted worldwide.

Taking a three-pronged approach of unlocking the power of investors, reforming the rules and regulations in the finance industry, and building a movement committed to change, Share Action is striving for a world where investors fully account for the impact of their investment activity on people and the planet, and take the matter of avoiding or mitigating negative impact as seriously as they take the desire to maximise returns.

Treebeard has provided core funding to Share Action since 2020.

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