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Right to Succeed - Blackpool


Right to Succeed - Blackpool




Vulnerable Communities



Blackpool has struggled for many years with some of the poorest educational outcomes for children in the country. Numerous short-term interventions have been attempted, but these have not led to sustainable improvement across all phases and forms of the local education system.

Building on six years of multi agency work in Blackpool, and starting to see the results of sustained multi-agency interventions, Right to Succeed have worked with the Blackpool Education Improvement Board (BEIB), local schools and other local agencies to develop a town-wide, 10 year strategy to improve education outcomes for children across the city.

This strategy aims to bring greater ownership and collaboration in local communities to improve children's outcomes across Blackpool.

Across three 'areas' - Blackpool North, Central and South - this work begins with Right to Succeed leading a Discovery Phase for 9-12 months, to develop a common agenda, a shared measurement framework, mutually reinforcing activities, shared communication channels and backbone support structures, all of which will inform the shape of the 10 year Strategy moving forwards.

Treebeard Trust is providing restricted funding to support Right to Succeed to lead this Discovery Phase in 2021-2022.

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