Re-Alliance -  regenerative approaches to refugee camps
and settlements


Re-Alliance - regenerative approaches to refugee camps
and settlements




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Re-Alliance works to build and strengthen a coalition of field practitioners, policy makers, educators, community leaders, and development and humanitarian workers, to grow the influence and impact of regenerative development in the humanitarian field. They provide a platform for skills, knowledge and evidence sharing amongst their members who are located across the world and have experience in refugee/internally displaced people (IDP) settlement design, WASH management, regenerative capacity building, livelihoods development, agroecology and shelter building.

Across a three-year project, Re-Alliance will identify and support up to fifteen regenerative approaches, designed for and deployed in both informal settlements and more formal camp environments, that put examples of these approaches into practice, testing their benefits and refining their designs. Projects will be spread across 5 different themes: camp design and layout; shelter and eco-building; water/rainwater harvesting; regenerative ag/permaculture; and community cohesion and peace building.

Using evidence from these projects, Re-Alliance plans to develop a series of guidelines to support appropriate environmental and human response within formal and informal refugee camp settlements. These guidelines will be directed towards other community responders and could also be taken up by larger humanitarian agencies. They also plan to design an online course in regenerative refugee/IDP settlement design.

Treebeard is providing restricted, multi-year funding to this three-year project.