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Peers for the Planet


Peers for the Planet




Sustainable Planet



There is a risk that the critical threats of climate change and biodiversity loss are not given the attention they need within UK Parliament.

The UK House of Lords has considerable power as a second chamber to initiate and alter legislation and to use its global standing to partner with other Parliaments around the world. It can also bring long-term thinking and draw on expert members from across disciplines.

Peers for the Planet was created as an independent function to bring sustained, cross-party momentum into the House of Lords, to put a 'climate lens' over policy and legislation, and to win ambitious but practical changes in UK law and policy.

To date, Peers for the Planet have welcomed over 130 Peers into the group, supported them to push for amendments - in many cases successfully - across bills including the Pensions Bill, the Agriculture Bill, the Environment Bill, the Health and Care Bill, the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill, and the Trade Bill.

Peers for the Planet, in line with its mission, is also inspiring other countries to explore similar models, for example, they have collaborated with Canadian Senators as they explore the opportunity to create a cross-party coalition in the Senate, inspired by the work of Peers for the Planet.

Treebeard Trust provided core support in 2020 when Peers for the Planet launched, and since then have continued to provide unrestricted grant funding.

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