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Oarsome Chance was founded in 2016 to support young people aged 9 -21 who are disengaged from mainstream education and are at risk of exclusion and suffering further disadvantage.

Reaching the Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant areas on the South Coast, Oarsome Chance's programmes are developed to improve educational outcomes and routes to employability by focusing on vocational education and training that is connected to their local community - such as boat building and rowing.

Young people are referred to OC's programmes through commissioning partners including SEN schools and the Local Authority. Referred pupils are already disengaged from the educational system, at risk of exclusion from school or on very short timetables - the combination of physical and practical activities in a supportive and safe environment is very effective in re-engaging and reintegrating them into their community.

Family engagement is also a core part of OC's delivery approach. This all leads to high rates of attendance and engagement which are consistently high at 91% and 93% respectively.

Treebeard has provided core funding to this charity since 2018.