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Employer's Initiative on Domestic Abuse


Employer's Initiative on Domestic Abuse




Vulnerable Communities



One in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, with 2.3 million adults aged 16 to 74 experiencing domestic abuse in England and Wales in 2019-2020 alone (ONS 2020/2021).

Given the prevalence of domestic abuse in our society, all institutions, public services and businesses can and must play a role in supporting those affected, but only through raising awareness and sharing best practice and tools will these organisations be equipped to identify and appropriately and effectively respond to domestic abuse within their communities.

EIDA supports over 1,000 small and large employers to take action on domestic abuse. They bring together the experience, expertise, and best practice of employers and partners so that all employers across the UK can support any of their employees affected by domestic abuse.

EIDA works with its members who, in signing up to the EIDA membership charter, commit to raising awareness among their employees of the many forms domestic abuse can take; fostering a safe, supportive and open environment to allow domestic abuse to be effectively tackled in their workplace; supporting employees who are affected by domestic abuse and those that report it by providing access to information and services; providing education and support to help perpetrators of domestic abuse to stop, and to sharing best practice with other employers.

Treebeard is providing a core grant to EIDA across 2022-23.

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