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Trust in government is at an all-time low and people feel disconnected from the politicians who represent them. But what makes a good 21st century politician?

Apolitical Foundation aims to explore this question through two core strands of work. Firstly, Apolitical Academy Global was created to support a new generation of transformational public leaders by building a network of local and global non-partisan political training academies. Over in-person and online seminars, the training encompasses sociopolitical systems and challenges, self-leadership skills and methods, and political skills development. The Foundation runs Academies in Sweden, Southern Africa and a Global Public Leadership Programme with the World Economic Forum's Community of Young Global Leaders and Shapers. By 2030, they aim to support a network of 3,000 fellows across 18 Local Academies.

A second strand of Apolitical Foundation is the Building Better Politics Network which brings together political training academies around the world into a network that will enable collective discussions and knowledge-sharing to further the research on what an effective 21st century politician looks like and to establish best-practices in political curriculum and pedagogy.

Treebeard Trust is providing core support to the Apolitical Foundation alongside a financial investment into its sister company, - a digital platform to build the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to succeed in the public service

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