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Agenda Alliance




Vulnerable Communities



Agenda Alliance exists to make a difference to the lives of women and girls who are at the sharpest end of inequality. They advocate for women and girls who have multiple, complex needs that are not being met by public services.

Agenda was set up in 2015, after a consultation in the sector in response to the Corston Report showed the need for an alliance to bring together the voluntary sector to advocate for women and girls with the most complex unmet needs.

Agenda Alliance consists of over 100 member organisations – from large, national bodies to smaller, specialist organisations. They work in collaboration to influence public policy and practice to respond appropriately to women and girls with unmet needs. As well as convening the Alliance, Agenda’s work includes conducting research, campaigning and platforming the voices of women and girls.

Treebeard is providing restricted funding to enable Agenda to recruit an Alliance Development Manager, whose role will be to analyse the Alliance membership in the context of the charity’s new five-year organisational strategy and develop a plan for a renewed and empowered Alliance.

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