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Affordable Justice


Affordable Justice







The welfare reforms to Legal Aid in April 2013 have had a devastating effect on women who want to access legal services as a result of harassment, violence or abuse. Many are unable to get Legal Aid, yet mainstream legal fees for court representation are simply unaffordable, at an average of £230/hour, plus VAT. Affordable Justice's proposition is simple and compelling: they want to ensure that women and children can access legal advice and representation by offering affordably-priced, non-profit making legal services, provided by qualified solicitors who are experts in this field. Their hourly rates of £82/hour plus VAT bring the costs down considerably, and this can make all the difference for women in their client group between staying in a difficult situation and escaping from it to rebuild their lives. Affordable Justice works out of Preston Road Woman's Centre and works hand in hand with the other women's services in the centre and the wider area, which means they can signpost women to other forms of support they need, such as housing or therapeutic services. Treebeard Trust, along with two other foundations, is support Affordable Justice to roll out its service to clients in geographical areas outside Hull through a variety of networks including the Surviving and Thriving network, the Women's Aid Federation and the Rape Crisis England and Wales Network.

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