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Today, you are almost six times less likely to reach a top university if you are poor (UCAS 2015).

The Access Project seeks to change that by offering disadvantaged young people an intensive programme of volunteer-led academic tutorials, and professionally delivered university application support, to help each young person access a top university and thus transform their life prospects.

The programme has been shown to almost double a young person’s chances of reaching a top university.

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Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business.

Their mission is to bring the natural vitality of Africa’s ancient ingredients to consumers around the world, creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers.

Aduna's impact is achieved by creating commercial demand for under-utilised African natural products – starting with the superfoods baobab and moringa. Their range of African superfood powders and energy bars are sold in more than 2,000 stores in 18 countries. Through Aduna's baobab fruit supply chain, 700 women in Upper East Ghana are receiving sustainable income flows, enabling them to provide basic needs to their families. 



The Association for Post-Natal Illness is the leading organisation in its field.

It was established in 1979 to:

  • Provide support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness
  • Increase public awareness of the illness
  • Encourage research into its cause/nature


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Aurora New Dawn is a registered charity that offers safety, support, advocacy and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual violence. We work closely with our clients to increase their safety, reduce the risk of harm and support them in moving forward, including providing court support and a dedicated Advocate to the specialist Domestic Abuse court in Portsmouth.

We also work with female offenders, offering services to women in prisons who have experienced domestic abuse, female perpetrators of domestic abuse, and women exiting sex work.

BIGKID Foundation

BIGKID equips young people at risk of social exclusion and youth violence to take control of their lives, find, develop and act on their own potential. 

We engage with those who many have given up on, seeking to break negative generational cycles. We also encourage our young people to understand their roles in their communities and begin to take steps to becoming key stake holders.

“BIGKID Foundation shares our desire to make a difference to the lives of young people in London at-risk of exploitation and getting involved in criminality.” - Detective Inspector Shaun White, Metropolitan Police

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Change of Scene aims to make a life changing difference for disadvantaged children.

Our attendees, aged 6-18, from Surrey and Hampshire display complex social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. They flounder in mainstream education and are often at risk of exclusion.

Through 1:1 attention, working with animals and nature, they learn practical skills, gain pride and self-esteem which helps them return to sustainable education and fulfil their potential.

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Elemental is a Tech For Good company with the purpose of creating meaningful connections between people and their communities to address the root cause of health inequalities. 

Elemental’s social prescribing platform makes it easier for health and social care professionals to prescribe a patient-centric non medical prescription for a suite of quality assured, locally based, lifestyle interventions, enabling a reduction in health risks and long term demands on health services.

 Co-founders,  Leeann Monk and Jennifer Neff, have been at the forefront of mobilising communities towards better health, education and employment for the past 15 years combined.




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There is an estimated potential debt finance gap in the UK of £1.3 billion per annum from commercially viable but ‘unbankable’ businesses unable to access the finance they require. The barriers to accessing finance tend to be concentrated within areas of the country with higher rates of poverty where multiple causes of market failure interact and magnify the scale of the problem.

Fair Business Loans was launched in 2014 to tackle some of the market failures that have resulted in the growing gap in the market. They have designed a funding product and service for small and micro-business owners and the self employed established to support in a responsible way financially excluded businesses.

Fair Business Loans is the only UK microfinance organisation that is funded purely through social investment and commercial finance in the UK and as such it is the only potentially sustainable and scalable microfinance organisation the UK.  


Farming and Countryside Education (FACE)

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) is a national education charity that helps children to flourish, farming and rural communities to thrive, and the planet to be more sustainable. 

Its mission is to work with school communities to help children and young adults understand the connection between farming and their daily lives. 




Family Friends is a charity set up in 1993 to support disadvantaged families through befriending and mentoring services. It works with families living in Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and South East Brent. Through respect, encouragement and support, Family Friend's mission is to ‘help families to help themselves’, in order that they can discover their strengths and build on their coping skills. 

Family Friends carefully recruits, trains and matches volunteers with parents or children. Volunteers meet the family in their home, once a week for two hours. They offer long-term practical and emotional help based on each family's unique needs and potential. Volunteers pledge a commitment of one year and Family Friends' staff back up their work with on-going supervision and family feedback interviews.

The charity offers two schemes: "Parent Befriending" - for parents with a child or children under the age of 16 years; and "Child Mentoring" - For children aged between 5 and 16 years.

Family Friends is an Approved Provider of The Mentoring & Befriending Foundation




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The Hackney Pirates aims to make a transformative impact on the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people who are both falling behind at school and have fewer advantages in their personal circumstances, so that they can achieve both at school and in the world beyond.

Through offering engaging and high quality after-school learning opportunities, Hackney Pirates works to help young people catch up and develop their skills. 

"It changed my confidence at putting hands up in the class and answering questions...I used to be scared that I'd get lots of things wrong, so I did not put my hand up." 


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K10 is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA), accredited by the National Apprentice Service, that manages apprenticeships for companies looking to recruit motivated and talented young people from diverse backgrounds.

It offers an end-to-end service from outreach, recruitment, training and mentoring through to onward employment and ensures K10 apprentices are equipped with the essential skills that make them effective & successful in the workplace.

K10 works with clients to ensure the apprenticeship programme is targeted to its needs and meets its objectives in terms of social responsibility and community engagement.

They agree targets (qualifications, background, disadvantage criteria) and find and select suitable candidates; they then employ the apprentice and take care of all aspects of the apprenticeship programme – recruitment, pastoral care, college supervision, performance against the required learning framework.



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Mustard Seed is a principal investor in world-class, early-stage businesses that generate compelling financial and societal returns.

It’s Mustard Seed’s contention that understanding the social dimension of business will be key in assessing competitive differentiation, and thus, economic outperformance.

Not only does Mustard Seed reject the inevitability of a trade off, it believes that the two can ultimately be made synonymous and mutually reinforcing through what we term the Virtuous Venture Cycle.

In this process, the vicious cycle of negative externalities is replaced by a system of value creating positive impact aligned with commercial return.



My Sister's House aims to support a population of vulnerable women who are characterised by a range of issues including histories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, and mental health problems.  

They also support women who may be having a difficult time at one point in their lives – a recent loss such as bereavement, suffering poverty from unemployment, relationship breakdown, a victim of crime, accident or illness/disability.  

My Sister's House offers practical, emotional, and therapeutic support to clients in tailor-made interventions that aim to address a range of underlying issues.  



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Only Connect is London's creative criminal justice charity.

Its vision is a more connected society where we all choose a crime-free life. Only Connect achieves impact by working in four London prisons, preparing people for life after release.

Upon release, they provide these people with Membership of two centres in central and west London. Members create their own route to stability through support from Only Connect. Members are also able to access creative projects that grow new skills and build confidence, before they then progress in education, training and employment (ETE). In 2016 we worked with 147 new Members, with 63 progressing into ETE. 



Portsmouth Sail Training Trust (PSTT) aims to help break the cycle of social deprivation and unemployment, by raising the aspirations of inner-city young people aged 12-21.

Through varied on water and dry land training programmes, PSTT provides sustained support in the achievement of recognised qualifications that enhance career opportunities, coupled with the development of key life skills that enable its young people to fulfil their potential and achieve brighter futures.   

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Somerset Crimebeat Trust supports local ‘grassroots’ charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises working with young people in ways that reduce the risk and combats the causes of crime, or supports the rehabilitation of young offenders back into their communities.

The Charity supports around 20 projects each year, mostly delivered by volunteer-led organisations across Somerset where their small grants can have the greatest impact in rural and urban communities.

"I am constantly amazed by the brilliance of the young people I meet. They fill me with optimism for the future of our communities. Avon and Somerset Constabulary will help in whatever way we can to support and promote the initiatives for young people funded by Somerset Crimebeat."
 Chief Constable Andy Marsh, Avon and Somerset Constabulary





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Life is full of highs and lows. But it’s full of highs and lows for each and every one of us. TalkLife have created a place where we can all work through life together. 

TalkLife knows that sometimes it’s sort of hard to talk about certain things with family or even friends. This is a safe place where you can talk about anything: mental health, depression, self harm, eating disorders, a bad breakup or a relationship, school or work…it doesn’t matter. If you want to talk about it, someone else, does too. No judgments. No bullying. Just people who get you.

TalkLife wanted to create a community where you can always feel welcome and know that someone is here for you. Literally thousands of people are always on TalkLife– at any time — just waiting to listen. 



The Difference seeks to break the link between school exclusion and social exclusion. 

They recruit exceptional teachers and place them as leaders in the schools which need them most: those for excluded young people.

Excluded children are the most vulnerable: often known to social services, living in child poverty and suffering mental health problems. Too often, exclusion leads to zero qualifications and a life of crime.

The Difference creates educational expertise to re-write this story.

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Thera is a charitable group of companies which support people with a learning disability.

Established in 1998, Thera has grown from supporting 5 people in Cambridgeshire in their own home to providing a range of support across the UK for over 2,100 people.

This includes supported living at home, helping people to be part of the local community, and finding homes to suit the individual’s specific needs.



Thrive is a social enterprise founded by mental health professionals. Thrive develops evidence-based digital interventions to prevent, detect early and manage common mental health problems. Thrive's services are accessible on mobile devices and the web. Their mission is to improve the world's mental health by using technology to make therapy more affordable, accessible and engaging. 

'I calculated that over my whole career as a doctor I could help at most 16,000 people. I also realised that my patients only got to see me after very long delays. Listening to their stories I learned that many of them may have never needed to see me if the right intervention had been offered to them at the right time. It occurred to me that health services were designed to accommodate my needs rather than patients' needs. I founded Thrive to change all that and over the past few years we have already reached more than 30,000 people.’ - Dr Andres Fonseca - CEO & Co - Founder of Thrive 


Waterloo Uncovered combines a world-class archaeology project on the battlefield of Waterloo with a support program for the military community.

Archaeology is a multifaceted discipline, that offers opportunities to everyone no matter their ability or injury. Through it, Waterloo Uncovered helps the veterans and serving soldiers that take part in its excavations with welfare, recovery, and transition issues.

Participants learn new skills, build motivation and confidence and open up to new possibilities, turning recovery into discovery



West London Zone (WLZ) is a leading place-based organisation, working in partnership with local charities to deliver the best possible outcomes for children and young people in West London.

Together with schools and children’s centres, WLZ identifies children and young people who may not yet be showing obvious signs of need, but who are not well served by existing provision and are at risk of negative outcomes without early intervention. To prevent the development of more serious issues, each child and their family designs an individually tailored package of support from the WLZ partnership, with the support of a dedicated ‘Link Worker’.

The model is financed by an innovative “Collective Impact Bond”, which pools funding from schools, local government, and private philanthropy, ‘topped-up’ by a central government grant.

"We are determined to invest in young people to give them the best start in life. At a time when funding for councils and schools has never been tighter, West London Zone has created an innovative new model to make the support we provide children go much further"

Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader, LBHF

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Winnow is a tech company making cutting edge technology to help chefs reduce food waste.

They connect commercial kitchens to the cloud allowing them to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin. This gives chefs the information necessary to drive improvements in their production processes to cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time.

Simple and intuitive, the Winnow System has been designed specifically for busy kitchens.