Our partners address a wide range of social and environmental issues. Our expertise is growing - we are finding that many of the most challenging issues facing us coalesce around the issue areas we identify here. These are fast becoming our areas of focus. With every area of focus our goals are the same: we seek out organisations with a bold vision, strong leadership, energy and innovation; with values which align with our own, as outlined here.

Our partners include not just charities but businesses as well. In some cases our funding is provided with the sole aim of creating social impact; these are traditionally known as grants, although we prefer the term Impact Only Investment (just because the return is purely social doesn't mean it's not an investment).

In other cases it is in the shape of a financial investment, either equity or debt. Although there are clearly distinctions between the two, many of the characteristics we look for are common to both.

Our goal is to build a network of pioneering, innovative and collaborative partners who are working across sectors, and who through their experience and learning are able to influence local and national policy, develop and share best practice, raise public awareness, and drive lasting social change.