At Treebeard we aim to identify partners who are seeking to achieve lasting, system level change across a range of focus areas. We are principally concerned with how organisations are working, over and above the specific problem they aim to tackle. To this end we are guided by a set of values which we look for in all organisations we support – read more about our values here.

Treebeard’s financial investment typically takes one of two forms; an Impact Only Investment (grant), where we seek only social impact as a return on our investment, or a Social Impact Investment where we seek some level of financial return alongside compelling social impact. Both structures are delivered and managed under the same set of values and mission statement, and as such we marry our social impact and financial management strategies as one. As a small trust we believe this makes us more effective. We also hold firm to the belief that philanthropy and commerce need not be mutually exclusive; indeed each requires the other to truly achieve social change.

We aim to build a network of pioneering, innovative and collaborative partners who are working across sectors, and who through their experience and learning are able to influence local and national policy, develop and share best practice, raise public awareness, and help inform resourcing and funding channels. You can read more about every single one of our investees using the headings to the left of this page.