We consider all of our partners to be highly innovative, and we only make new investments where the organisation is working to affect the wider system. However we wanted to sub-categorise some of our partners whose very mission is centred around using innovation to create system change. In some cases this involves creating an innovative technology; in others it requires an innovative model or the development of new marketplaces. These organisations are not unwilling to take risk, face uncertainty of outcome, and tackle social issues in an entirely new way.



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Investment Type: Equity

ClearlySo is Europe’s leading impact investment bank, working exclusively with businesses, charities, and funds delivering positive social, ethical, and/or environmental impact as well as financial return. 

Originally founded in 2008, ClearlySo has helped more than 130 clients raise more than £230 million in impact investment from its extensive network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors. 

ClearlySo's mission is to bring impact to investment. Our vision is of a world where the financial system is a powerful force for good and the impacts of businesses are considered in all investment decisions.

fair finance

Investment Type: Debt

There is an estimated potential debt finance gap in the UK of £1.3 billion per annum from commercially viable but ‘unbankable’ businesses unable to access the finance they require. The barriers to accessing finance tend to be concentrated within areas of the country with higher rates of poverty where multiple causes of market failure interact and magnify the scale of the problem. Fair Business Loans was launched in 2014 to tackle some of the market failures that have resulted in the growing gap in the market. They have designed a funding product and service for small and micro-business owners and the self employed established to support in a responsible way financially excluded businesses. Fair Business Loans is the only UK microfinance organisation that is funded purely through social investment and commercial finance in the UK and as such it is the only potentially sustainable and scalable microfinance organisation the UK.

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Hackney Community transport

Investment Type: Debt

HCT Group is a social enterprise in the transport industry, safely providing over 30 million passenger trips on our buses every year. We deliver a range of transport services – from London red buses to social services transport, from school transport to whole bus networks, from community transport to education and training.

We reinvest the profits from our commercial work into high social impact transport services or projects in the communities we serve, and into providing training opportunities for people who are long-term unemployed – making a real difference to people’s lives.

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Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Lighthouse is a not-for-profit children’s residential care provider, offering a model of care based on a combination of social pedagogy, education and a family environment. Lighthouse aims to improve outcomes for children in residential care through the provision of a stable placement, in a family orientated environment, coupled with high-quality education support delivered by outstanding staff with the necessary skills and training to support the development of children emotionally, socially and academically.

mustard seed

Investment Type: Equity

Mustard Seed is a principal investor in world-class early-stage businesses that generate compelling financial and societal returns. They do so in conjunction with our global member network of business luminaries, an FCA-authorized venture fund, and events at many of the world’s leading universities.

Mustard Seed believes solving the greatest of societal ills drives commercial success in the long run.


Investment Type: Depositary receipt

Oikocredit has been active for over 40 years as an international co-operative and leading world-wide social impact investor. Established in 1975 by members of the World Council of Churches (WCC), and headquartered in the Netherlands, Oikocredit’s investment mission is built around a true triple bottom line return – in other words, generating a balanced financial, social and environmental return on your investment. We are guided by the principle of empowering people, believing that the most effective and sustainable means of assisting the most disadvantaged groups in the world is by providing them with an opportunity to create their own sustainable future through the instrument of investment.

Social Finance IMpact Incubator

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

The Impact Incubator is a partnership between six leading UK philanthropic foundations and Social Finance to develop new approaches to challenging social issues in the UK.

Founded in 2014, it has designed and delivered four new responses to tackle domestic abuse, black mental health, care leavers support and refugee integration, and is currently developing responses to two new areas: access to legal advice, and school exclusion and alternative provision.

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Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

The Greenhouse is a ground-breaking innovation programme lead by the National Housing Federation, the trade body for England's housing associations. It brings together innovators from housing associations from every region, who will work full-time for 16-weeks to develop new products and services that tackle major social challenges including housebuilding, tackling homelessness and ensuring homes adapt as people get older and their needs change.  This is the first time that social innovation has been attempted on this sector-wide scale.