We consider all of our partners to be highly innovative. However there are some whose very mission is centred around innovation. In some cases this involves creating innovative technology; in others innovation in approach. These organisations are not unwilling to take risk, face uncertainty of outcome, and tackle social issues in an entirely new way. This appeals to Treebeard Trust as we believe that certain entrenched social, medical and environmental issues require a completely new approach. We are proud to partner with a number of organisations who are truly driving innovative solutions to achieve social and environmental change.


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AtoCap brings together a multidisciplinary team, who together bring unique capabilities from different areas of cutting-edge UK research to facilitate the development of an entirely novel delivery system for high-dose, local treatment: Its first product; CapFuran is a polymer-microencapsulated form of the generic drug nitrofurantoin, and in pilot studies, CapFuran robustly penetrates and treats bladder cells harbouring intracellular reservoirs of bacteria, which previously was not possible.

Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is personalised on demand support system, that puts the individual in control of their support.  Accessed from a mobile, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give help when it’s needed, no matter how many times it’s needed. 

Tested by the National Autistic Society and NHS organisations, more than 30 Local Authorities, NHS organisations and Universities integrate the system into their support service; making cost savings and helping more than 2,000 people with autism, a mental health condition, learning difficulty or acquired brain injury to reduce anxiety, feel safe and achieve their goals.

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Elemental Software

Elemental is a Tech For Good company with the purpose of creating meaningful connections between people and their communities to address the root cause of health inequalities. 

Elemental’s social prescribing platform makes it easier for health and social care professionals to prescribe a patient-centric non medical prescription for a suite of quality assured, locally based, lifestyle interventions, enabling a reduction in health risks and long term demands on health services.

 Co-founders,  Leeann Monk and Jennifer Neff, have been at the forefront of mobilising communities towards better health, education and employment for the past 15 years combined.


Q-Bot is transforming the construction industry with robotics, digital tools and AI to transform archaic processes and enable new services for the inspection maintenance and upgrade of buildings. Q-Bot’s mission is to be able to measure and improve the health of buildings without the cost and disruption of traditional methods. This includes a highly innovative method of applying under floor insulation using a robotic device which has been successfully commercialised and is in the process of being rolled out across the UK. See here for award-winning Q-bot in action.



Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics has developed an image processing technology which enables the early detection of melanoma.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and kills over 50,000 people a year, but if melanomas are discovered early they are almost always treatable.  Skin Analytics software can be integrated with a dermascope, camera or smart-phone to enable GPs and consumers to diagnose moles instantly and track changes regularly.  It is a simple, cost effective solution to a major problem.

Social Finance IMpact Incubator

The Impact Incubator is a partnership between leading six UK philanthropic foundations and Social Finance to develop new approaches to challenging social issues in the UK.

Founded in 2014, it has designed and delivered four new responses to tackle domestic abuse, black mental health, care leavers support and refugee integration

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Thrive Therapeutics

Thrive is a social enterprise founded by mental health professionals. Thrive develops evidence-based digital interventions to prevent, detect early and manage common mental health problems. Thrive's services are accessible on mobile devices and the web. Their mission is to improve the world's mental health by using technology to make therapy more affordable, accessible and engaging. 

'I calculated that over my whole career as a doctor I could help at most 16,000 people. I also realised that my patients only got to see me after very long delays. Listening to their stories I learned that many of them may have never needed to see me if the right intervention had been offered to them at the right time. It occurred to me that health services were designed to accommodate my needs rather than patients' needs. I founded Thrive to change all that and over the past few years we have already reached more than 30,000 people.’

- Dr Andres Fonseca - CEO & Co - Founder of Thrive

Winnow Solutions

Winnow is a tech company making cutting edge technology to help chefs reduce food waste.

They connect commercial kitchens to the cloud allowing them to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin. This gives chefs the information necessary to drive improvements in their production processes to cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time.

Simple and intuitive, the Winnow System has been designed specifically for busy kitchens.

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The Greenhouse is a ground-breaking innovation programme lead by the National Housing Federation, the trade body for England's housing associations. It brings together innovators from housing associations from every region, who will work full-time for 16-weeks to develop new products and services that tackle major social challenges including housebuilding, tackling homelessness and ensuring homes adapt as people get older and their needs change.  This is the first time that social innovation has been attempted on this sector-wide scale.