To date, Treebeard Trust has made impact investments in the fields of reducing food waste, in improving the built environment and in the construction industry. Some of our international investments are also in the field of environmental sustainability. This is an area where we see considerable opportunity for engagement across the private, public and voluntary sectors; at present our investment is in the private sector where we are keen to identify and support business models which put environmental sustainability at their core, a practice which - as we have seen first hand - does not need to affect profit negatively.

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Investment Type: Equity

Commonplace is an award-winning digital engagement and consultation platform for local authorities and developers. 

Their mission is simple: to transform the way that their customers and communities engage with each other in order to create people-centred places. Commonplace strives to make community participation both accessible by harnessing the collaborative power of the internet and delightful by creating a trusted place for citizens to be involved in shaping their neighbourhoods. By doing so, they break down barriers between urban planners and local people, and increase community participation.


Investment Type: Equity

OddBox is a purpose driven business that fights food waste on farms with London’s first wonky fruit & veg subscription scheme. Oddbox source slightly imperfect but just as delicious fruit & veg directly from farms and deliver these directly to homes and offices for 30% cheaper than similar services.

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Investment Type: Equity

Q-Bot’s mission is to measure and improve the health of buildings without the cost and disruption of traditional methods. This includes a highly innovative method of applying under floor insulation using a robotic device which has been successfully commercialised and is in the process of being rolled out across the UK.

Q-Bot is committed to measuring the positive impact of its technologies through energy savings and carbon impact, addressing fuel poverty and affordable warmth, and job creation and training opportunities . Click here to see the award-winning Q-bot in action.

winnow solutions

Investment Type: Equity

Food waste costs the hospitality industry over $100bn annually. Kitchens can waste up to 20% of food purchased, often equivalent to their total net profits. Winnow’s mission is to connect the commercial kitchen, create a movement of chefs and inspire others to see that food is too valuable to waste.

Winnow Solutions connect commercial kitchens to the cloud allowing them to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin. This gives chefs the information necessary to drive improvements in their production processes to cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time.


meadow blue community energy

MBCE is a community benefit society set up to deliver community-owned renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy supply projects.  Its first project is a 5MW solar farm at Merston Farm near Chichester, called Merston Community Energy.

MBCE generates renewable energy in Sussex, thereby contributing towards the UK’s energy security policy and CO2 emission reduction targets. It aims to support sustainable development locally, to support members of the local community in reducing their energy consumption and its related environmental impact, and to develop and manage a Community Fund, projected to exceed £3 million over 25 years.