We have funded in the broad area of ‘education’ since the trust was founded in 2011. We are particularly interested in addressing the disparity in educational outcomes between the wealthiest and poorest children in our society, and look for projects that are taking an innovative approach to creating system-level change in the education sector. We are also excited to be funding work focused on exclusion from mainstream education.


Hackney Pirates

The Hackney Pirates aims to make a transformative impact on the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people who are both falling behind at school and have fewer advantages in their personal circumstances, so that they can achieve both at school and in the world beyond.

Through offering engaging and high quality after-school learning opportunities, Hackney Pirates works to help young people catch up and develop their skills. 

"It changed my confidence at putting hands up in the class and answering questions...I used to be scared that I'd get lots of things wrong, so I did not put my hand up."


K10 is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA), accredited by the National Apprentice Service, that manages apprenticeships for companies looking to recruit motivated and talented young people from diverse backgrounds.

It offers an end-to-end service from outreach, recruitment, training and mentoring through to onward employment and ensures K10 apprentices are equipped with the essential skills that make them effective & successful in the workplace.

K10 works with clients to ensure the apprenticeship programme is targeted to its needs and meets its objectives in terms of social responsibility and community engagement.

They agree targets (qualifications, background, disadvantage criteria) and find and select suitable candidates; they then employ the apprentice and take care of all aspects of the apprenticeship programme – recruitment, pastoral care, college supervision, performance against the required learning framework.

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Right to Succeed

Right to Succeed is a charity with a mission to develop, pilot and scale collective solutions to the problems of educational inequality. The charity is piloting an approach to transforming secondary school outcomes in Blackpool and is also piloting an approach to preventing young people from being excluded from mainstream education.

The Difference

The Difference is a two year programme designed to train the next generation of school leaders, upskilled in supporting pupil mental health and reducing exclusion from school. The Difference has been established to improve outcomes for excluded pupils and to reduce exclusion from school.

The Difference is an award winning charity that believes that children who face harmful experiences, mental health challenges and learning difficulties deserve support, not exclusion. The majority of today's prison population were excluded when they were at school. We exist to change this story.



Zen educate

Zen Educate is a marketplace allowing schools to book teachers directly in their local area - similar to an airbnb for supply teaching. Not only do schools save up to 30% on their supply cover costs, but teachers also earn up to 25% more all with considerably less hassle.