For a long time, Treebeard Trust struggled to identify where and how to deploy funding in the area of disaster relief. We wanted to allocate a small amount of funding and be able to respond to global crises. We were seeking a channel through which we could develop a closer funder/grantee relationship and understand how our funding was being used, as well as be certain that the relief efforts were of the highest standard, avoided duplication and created lasting impact on the communities they served, working with, and not ‘across’, the people they were trying to help. These are hard boxes to tick in a sector where most frontline disaster relief organisations are huge global entities where it is difficult as a funder to get close to the people behind the work. Fortunately, in 2017 we came across Team Rubicon UK, and through this partnership we have been able to understand the funding allocation, the impact and the people behind our investment.



Team Rubicon

Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Team Rubicon UK harnesses and unites the skills and experiences of former military and emergency service personnel with those of first responders.  Our training enhances volunteer capabilities so we hit the ground running when disaster strikes, deploying small, agile teams within just hours to help those in need. Physically and mentally resilient, Team Rubicon volunteers are singularly suited to operating in extreme, austere environments, aiding populations ravaged by natural disaster and restoring hope to people on their darkest day.