Criminal justice is an area where we are beginning to think that radical reform is most needed. Our prison system is modelled on Victorian principles of punishment and we need to rethink it. We are uncomfortable with the way in which vulnerable people become criminalised. We often don’t like the leadership and culture within prisons that we visit. We think that rehabilitation is as important as retribution. To this end, we are interested in compassionate practice around reducing re-offending that has a holistic and rehabilitative focus.



Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Project Gateway, in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary, is a two-year pilot which aims to completely transform the culture and treatment of 18-24 year olds when they come into police custody and, at this early stage in the criminal justice system, to give them the tools and the support they need to get out, and stay out, of that system for life.  

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Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

NPC’s Criminal Justice Project aims to address challenges faced by charities in supporting people going through the criminal justice system. The project aims to help funders to stay engaged with criminal justice charities, and realise the importance and impact of their collective support. It also seeks to draw lessons from where charities are partnering well with prisons, and share best practice and replicable models with other charities and prison governors. Finally it aims to highlight the role of charities in driving systemic change, and in influencing better policy and practice for the whole sector. 


Investment Type: Impact Only Investment

Only Connect is London's creative criminal justice charity.

Its vision is a more connected society where we all choose a crime-free life. Only Connect achieves impact by working in four London prisons, preparing people for life after release. Through two centres in central and west London, members create their own route to stability through support from Only Connect. Members are also able to access creative projects that grow new skills and build confidence, before they then progress in education, training and employment.

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Investment Type: Equity

Redemption Roasters is a specialty coffee company with a difference. We have both a network of wholesale clients and our own coffee shops in Central London. At our roastery in Aylesbury Prison, we train young offenders in roasting and competition-level barista skills with the aim of reducing re-offending in the UK.


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The Together Group is a Community Interest Company which exists to create full-time employment opportunities in the construction space for ex-offenders – our aim is to inspire our clients to see that there is a life beyond crime.

We achieve this through a proven and commercially sustainable business model of purchasing plots of land for newbuild or existing homes which would benefit from renovation or improvement and, working with qualified tradesmen, utilising ex-offenders in repair, refurbishment and restoration of these developments.